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Koh Phayam Ranong

Facilities & Services

- Free WiFi For guest who need to chat with family or friend in Europe. 
- Electric run from 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. Please, only use necessary electrical appliance after 10 p.m. for save energy
- Domestic & Oversea call service
- Book library. We have variety of books in many languages: English, Danish, French, German, Swedish etc.                                                                                                     
- Tour information & Transport ticket
- Taxi service. We provide taxi between Ranong and other city with fair price.
- Water sport equipment rental
- Visa & Master card service
- Cash advance
- Laundry service

Terms and Conditions “ Hornbill Hut ”
1. Check-out at 11 a.m. and check-in at 1 p.m. We will try our best to accommodate guests who arrive before time.
2. Pets are not allowed.
3. For Prevent accidents. Cooking isn’t allowed inside the accommodation.
4. After 11 p.m., don’t make noise. Which disrupt the sleeping people in the vicinity.

Speed Boat timetable. The boat take 40 minutes.

                  It’s many speed boat compamies run business to Ko Phayam. Timetable alway change. If you need information, please mail to us or join our facebook: hornbill_hut@yahoo.com.

Normal Boat timetable. The boat take 2 hrs. ticket @ 200 bahts)


Koh Phaym

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8.30 a.m.

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